The Climate

The worst weather in New York is during that long week or 10 days that arrives each summer between mid-July and mid-August, when temperatures go up to around 100°F with 90% humidity. You feel sticky all day, the streets smell horrible, everyones cranky, and the concrete canyons become furnaces. It can be no fun walking around in this weather. Dont get put off by this--summer has its compensations, such as wonderful free open-air concerts and other events, as Ive already mentioned - but bear it in mind. And you may luck out - the last few summers have been downright lovely. But if you are at all temperature sensitive, your odds of getting comfortable weather are better in June or September.

Another period when you might not like to stroll around the city is during January or February, when temperatures are commonly in the 20s (-6°C) and those concrete canyons turn into wind tunnels. The city looks gorgeous just after a snowfall, but the streets soon become an ugly, slushy mess. Again, you never know--temperatures have regularly been in the mild 40s during the past few winters. If you hit the weather jackpot, you could have a bargain bonanza.

Fall and spring are the best times in New York. From April to June and September to November, temperatures are mild and pleasant, and the light is beautiful. With the leaves changing in Central Park and just the hint of crispness in the air, October is a fabulous time to be here--but expect to pay for the privilege.

If you want to know how to pack just before you go, check the Weather Channels online 5-day forecast at

New Yorks Average Temperature & Rainfall

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
Daily Temp (°F) 38 40 48 61 71 80
Daily Temp (°C) 3 4 9 16 22 27
Days of Rain 11 10 11 11 11 10

July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Daily Temp (°F) 85 84 77 67 54 42
Daily Temp (°C) 29 29 25 19 12 6
Days of Rain 11 10 8 8 9 10