WhatsApp is being the most popular Instant messenger client available over our smartphones.

From file sharing to voice calling, WhatsApp has been included with every weapon in it’s arsenal.

Frankly speaking, I truly feel WhatsApp has completely changed the way we handle our texts as compared to veteran SMS.

As every coin has two sides, WhatsApp is no different. 

If researchers are to be believed, as long as WhatsApp exists, people will always try to dig deep into privacy of others.

You can say it lack of trust in your partner or curiosity, but WhatsApp has turned out to be sure shot way to catch your cheating spouse or grown up child whose activities needs to be monitored. Today we are here with How you can Hack WhatsApp Without Jailbreak :    

Pre-requisites To Hack WhatsApp Without Jailbreak :

  1. Grab a copy of mSpy for iPhone. mSpy is the only WhatsApp spy app which can spy WhatsApp messages without jailbreak.
  2. Access to your spouse’s iPhone for atleast 5-10 minutes.
  3. You should have the iCloud credentials of your spouse’s iPhone.

How To Hack WhatsApp Without Jailbreak :

Step 1 : I hope you have already grabbed a copy of mSpy for iPhone. If not, use coupon code Spypundit5 to get 5% discount.

Step 2 : Now login to your mSpy cPanel and tap on Setup a new phone on top left corner of the screen.

Step 3 : Next, you’ll be redirected to mSpy Set up Wizard, from here select iPhone without Jailbreak and tap on Proceed.

Step 4 : Make sure you have turned on iCloud backup. In order to turn on iCloud backup, pick up your iPhone, head over to Settings -> iCloud -> Back up and turn on Backup.

Step 5 : Now, you need to enter the Apple ID/iCloud ID of target iPhone in the field provided on your mSpy cPanel. Once you are done, tap on Verify.

Step 6 : Wait for few seconds till mSpy detect your Apple ID. Once it completes detection of your Apple ID, tap on Proceed. Congratulations, you have set up the WhatsApp Spy App without jailbreak on iPhone.

Wait for few hours, meanwhile mSpy will collect all the WhatsApp chats from your Spouse’s iPhone.

Facing any issues?

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