Gone are those days when people used to carry a Point Shoot Camera to capture even a minute moment of their lives.

With the advancement in technology and efforts from greatest minds of the planet, Cell phones have turned out to be an easy replacement for Cameras and Film rolls.

Craze of Selfies and easy accessibility of cell phones have together emerged as pillar for digital world and there’s no going back.

Though images are meant for memories, but people are using it as they were not supposed to be used.

Are you indulged in failing relationship?

Or just want to monitor your child’s smartphone gallery photos on your partner or children’s smartphone can answer thousands of your questions.

These photos and videos are the most sensitive information available in the mobile devices and spying on them could be the most effective way to catch your cheating spouse or your grown up child. It is rightly said, a pictures speaks thousands of words and a video shows plethora of images.

For the same, today we are here with How To Hack Pictures From Someone’s Phone :

Pre-requisites Before You Hack Pictures From Someone’s Phone :

  1. A good spying software like FlexiSpy or mSpy that can easily barge into someone’s privacy and spy on their gallery containing crucial images and videos.
  2. Access to target device for 5-10 minutes.

Steps To Hack Pictures From Someone’s Phone :

Step 1 : Ready with a copy of FlexiSpy or mSpy? If yes, follow the welcome mail you have received from the vendor as soon as you purchased any of the above mentioned spy apps. This welcome mail will take you through the complete procedure that is required to set up FlexiSpy on target device (I am using FlexiSpy to depict the procedure, you can chose either FlexiSpy or mSpy).

Step 2 : Now, login to your control panel.

Step 3 : On the left side of ‘Dashboard‘, head over to ‘Media‘ tab and locate ‘Photos‘, ‘Videos‘ or ‘Sound‘.

It’ll show all the images, videos and sounds stored in your Spouse or child’s smartphone.

Step 4 : You’ll see all the images shot by your child or spouse right away on your dashboard.

Step 5 : If you wish to save any of the image from your FlexiSpy dashboard, click on the image-> right mouse click-> press ‘save image as‘.

This is a sure shot technique to Spy on your child’s gallery and check if he’s sending and receiving images which he shouldn’t have.

Moreover cheating spouse can also be monitored if he or she is indulged in ‘sexting’ with someone else.

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